IT product company Vymex raised $111,000 from Amazon Web Services


Ukrainian IT product company which develops an ecosystem of services for effective management of business Vymex raised $111,000 from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs easier to restart their businesses in wartime and post-war period

  • The money will be used to provide free access to Vymex for Ukrainians.
  • From the release in summer 2022, the company will provide access to its products for the Ukrainian market free for 6 months.
  • According to the company’s forecasts, at least 3,000 companies and individual entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the option.
  • The company has already attracted more than $1 million investments from private investors (more than 20 Ukrainian entrepreneurs).

Supporting the economic front now is very important, after victory our society will need to restart businesses and to start new ones. Vymex will give Ukrainian entrepreneurs the opportunity to adjust the architecture and processes of their business, and to do business conveniently and without losses. Moreover, we expect to see an increasing demand for our products due to the Ukrainian market’s massive rejection of most russian IT business products”, – says Ruslan Yumagulov, founder and CEO of the company.

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