Ukraine Deal Review 2021 and wartime


Kreston Global Ukraine, together with Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), AVentures Capital and ISE Corporate Accelerator, is pleased to present the results of the annual Ukraine Deal Review 2021, also covering 3 months of 2022.

  • In 2021, Ukrainian startups attracted venture capital investments worth USD 779.6 million, 46% more than in 2020. Like in a previous period, Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) accounted for about half of the deals (47%).
  • Investments attributed to private equity reached 82.8 million USD, and these are only agreements with the disclosed amount.
  • In 2021, six new players joined the Ukrainian venture capital market. Geek Ventures, SID Venture Partners, ZAS Ventures, ANCHOR, and Pawa offer Ukrainian startups financing of around USD 0.5 million, along with their experience and expertise.
  • World-renowned companies also did not ignore Ukraine last year: 19 of them opened their R&D centers, offices, and engineering hubs in Ukraine.
  • In the first quarter of 2022, the development of private technology investment markets did not halt despite the large-scale Russian aggression. In January–March 2022, 11 venture capital deals of USD 11.5 mln, 3 private equity deals of USD 4 mln, and 8 exits of USD 135 mln already took place.
  • International companies went on establishing new R&D centers and offices in Ukraine. In addition, global technology companies, EU countries, and Ukrainian IT communities have offered Ukrainian startups several support programs.

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