Datuum.ai will help Ukrainian businesses migrate faster from Russian software


The AI-driven platform for data integration will help Ukrainian companies quickly replace Russian software products with alternative ones.

Since the Russian invasion, many Ukrainian companies have struggled with the dilemma of continuing to use Russian software. For this reason, companies are seeking alternatives to programs such as 1C, Moy sklad, Moe delo, among others.

In Ukraine, initiatives on replacing software of Russian origin with Ukrainian or global ones are already gaining popularity. This type of replacement is necessitated by data security issues, as well as ethics. For instance, taxes on Russian software help to finance the production of weapons, which in turn target peaceful Ukrainians.

One consistent problem with the transition has to do with the migration of data to a new system from an old one. It requires a lot of time because each column of data must be: recognized, named, normalized, specified for transfer destination, etc. These tasks tend to be accomplished manually. For that reason, the process of migrating data tends to require months — potentially even years — and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a large enterprise. Today, this process has been simplified by taking advantage of AI, which recognizes data with high accuracy and automates the migration itself. This is the basis for how datuum.ai works.


“When the full-scale invasion began, first of all, for our team, there was a question of physical safety. Then we asked ourselves, “What can we do to help and speed up our victory?” The best solution is to keep doing what you do best, that’s why we want to help Ukrainian companies get rid of Russian software faster by making the process of data extraction, consolidation, and migration faster. ” – shares Leonid Nekhychmuk, Co-founder and CEO of datuum.ai.


datuum.ai is an AI-driven no-code data integration platform that reduces time and cost for data projects. Datuum.ai is a US startup with a 100% Ukrainian team behind it. The company was founded in 2021, and includes a team of 11 people, most of whom stay in Ukraine. The startup already has had several successful cases and three clients from the USA, Ukraine, and Europe. Its founder and CTO Dmytro Zhuk is a serial entrepreneur, who also is a co-founder of the large IT consulting company “Sigma Software Group” (1800 employees). He is highly experienced in tech, having worked with data projects for more than 20 years.

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