The Statesman: “The Russians didn’t expect it”: Ukraine drones unit is the new face of warfare

Civilians armed with commercially available drones are a formidable part of the opposition to the Russian invasion.

The role, importance and impact that a small but highly skilled civilian organisation like Aerorozvidka NGO can have against a country with a total military and paramilitary force of more than 3.5 million people is yet another indication that warfare has morphed forever.

Aerorozvidka is a non-military organisation of friends who are “technically aware citizens”.It operates in three divisions: reconnaissance, fighting and cybersecurity.

  • The reconnaissance and cybersecurity units have been building a situation-awareness system since 2014. Known as Delta, it aggregates information from drones, satellites and human sources to create a multilayer map of enemy military activity.
  • The fighting unit is centred around weaponised drones.
  • Protect Delta which is under constant cyberattacks

We are hugely grateful to all people and all organisations that support us. We receive hundreds of messages with support and warm words, and people all over the world send us everything from a few euros to thousands of dollars.
…If a relevant manufacturer wants us to test their equipment, please send it to us and we will give you detailed feedback on performance in the battlefield, – Mykhaylo, a senior board member

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