Euronews: 100 days of war in Ukraine: Stories of the rise and resilience of the nation’s tech sector

At the start of the war, Euronews Next spoke to tech company employees and founders both inside and outside Ukraine to see how they were adapting. Now, 100 days on, we asked them and other companies what had changed:

  • Pavlo D., CEO at N-iX: “The Ukrainian tech industry is one of the main contributors to the country’s GDP, so the sector is banding together not only to help the victims of Russia’s invasion but also to support the Ukrainian IT industry and the country’s economy.”
  • Emmy Gengler, CEO of US-based tech company Softjourn, Inc, which has an office in western Ukraine: “Proven resilience in the face of what probably has to be the ultimate type of crisis, a war. They’re proving to themselves, they’re proving to their clients, to the world that they can keep this industry going. So that includes crisis leadership at the top levels and being flexible because you don’t know what’s going to happen in a war. They’re proving to themselves that they want to keep going, that they want to keep money flowing into the country, that they want to be able to continue to donate funds to their friends who are fighting or to fellow soldiers who are fighting.”
  • Nataly Veremeeva, director of TechUkraine: “Despite certain difficulties for start-ups to have the capital to sustain these challenging times, we see a lot of organisations, throughout Europe and worldwide, offering help. We have proven by our determination that we are a mature country with an ambition to grow a successful state with its spirit, taking care of its citizens, their material and mental well-being. I also think the tech sector will be one of the key locomotives to make the transformation possible, we lay very big hopes on it. I believe now the main challenge will be to make good use of the publicity and attention from all over the world. We need to make sure everyone that wants to work with Ukraine and in Ukraine has such a possibility, to facilitate new productive partnerships and make good use of all that solid basis in our tech ecosystem we have created in the past years”.

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