The Wall Street Journal: Russian Cyber Threat Remains High, U.S. Officials Say

American intelligence points to attacks that have been actively planned, with only the timing of their execution in question, a senior NSA official said

  • Senior U.S. cyber officials urged companies to remain on high alert for cyberattacks as a consequence of Russia’s war in Ukraine, saying the warnings are based on intelligence assessments of potential strikes.
  • Ms. Easterly pointed to incidents such as the hack of satellites operated by Viasat Inc. on the eve of the invasion as proof that cyberattacks can and have spilled over from the theater of conflict, where she said the agency has seen significant cyber activity.
  • As a result of this intelligence, CISA’s Shields Up campaign, which was started in February to urge the private sector to bolster its cybersecurity defenses, isn’t likely to end anytime soon, Ms. Easterly and Mr. Inglis said in an op-ed published by website CyberScoop on Monday.

Jen Easterly, CISA’s director, on the sidelines of the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco: “Given the kinetic nature of the fighting, the brutality and the atrocities, there has been a lot of focus on that aspect of it, but there has also been a huge amount of cyber activity from the Russians against Ukraine.”

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis: “We’re actually quite certain about the strategic threat. We were quite clear about what the threat could be, what the aspirations of the Russians are.”

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