MacPaw To Release SpyBuster Google Chrome Extension

Ukrainian SpyBuster by MacPaw, from now on, ensures users’ security and privacy from cyber threats that may come from Russia and Belarus, not only on Macs, as the company releases SpyBuster Google Chrome extension.

Why is it important?
  • Russian legislation allows FSB and other Russian law enforcement agencies nearly unlimited access to any user data on Russian servers without a court order
  • According to the Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2021, 53% of all cyberattacks come from Russia. The top three countries targeted by most Russian cyberattacks are the United States, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom
  • SpyBuster helps users protect personal data from legislation that may not meet their security standards
  • SpyBuster Google Chrome extension shows where user data is sent while surfing the web and can determine which particular site is making potentially unwanted connections
It’s up to users to decide whether to take any actions, as SpyBuster only monitors the data flow. The interactive map inside the extension allows users to see where personal data is transmitted in real-time for each tab.
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