15-18 of June, our team visited Paris to participate in Viva Technology, which acts as an influential global catalyst for digital transformation and startup growth. The Viva Technology team with the local tech community presented a Ukrainian pavilion to support the country’s entrepreneurs and the resilience of the tech industry in wartime.

  • Viva Technology at a glance
  • Six major themes for 2022 in the spotlight
  • Famous and influential speakers
  • Ukrainian pavillion: brave to raise unicorns
  • VIVA LA FRANCE ET VIVA L’UKRAINE! side event with: Natalia Denikeieva, Head of Diia City project office at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Dominique Piotet, CEO at UNIT.City, President of French Tech Kyiv Ukraine, Ihor Markevych, advisor at Ukrainian Startup Fund, Kevin Markowski, Founder & CEO at Spitche, Board Member at La French Tech Kyiv and Barcelona, Nataly Veremeeva, Director at TechUkraine, Board Member at Kyiv IT Cluster, and Ambassador at Tech Emerging Europe Emerging Europe Advocates Ukraine was moderating the event.
  • Panel afterthoughts by Nataly Veremeeva
“Help us let the future win and free the world from this threat from the east once and for all.”