VICE: Microsoft Compares Russian Hacks of Ukraine to Assassination That Started World War I

In a newly released report, Microsoft details Russia’s cyber threats to Ukraine, and its president gives a…stunning introduction.


  • “The first shots” in the war were fired hours before Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border, in the form of a cyberweapon called “FoxBlade” that was deployed against Ukrainian computers.
  • Microsoft’s report explains in detail, that war is also being supported by large, coordinated cyber campaigns.
  • FoxBlade, which Smith referenced in his introduction to the report, is a Russian-made “wiper” software that was designed to infiltrate Ukrainian government systems and erase their data. FoxBlade was created by a Russian group it calls Iridium, also known as Sandworm.
  • Some hours before the physical invasion of Ukraine began, Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) detected the software’s launch against 19 government agencies and critical infrastructure organizations, the report states.

Ukraine’s government has successfully sustained its civil and military operations by acting quickly to disburse its digital infrastructure into the public cloud, where it has been hosted in data centers across Europe, – Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president and vice chair.

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