Interview with Yegor Aushev, CyberUnit.Tech & Cyber School


Yegor Aushev, CyberUnit.Tech & Cyber School: “Our mission is to elevate the perception of Ukraine as a country of innovation”


Nearly a fifth of CEOs sees cybersecurity risks as the number one threat to their company’s growth over the next three years, according to KPMG. With the invasion of Ukraine, the threat of cybercrimes has increased significantly and globally. Recently, Google executive Jared Cohen warned the United Nations Security Council that cyberattacks, disinformation, and other forms of information warfare being waged in Ukraine are a “crystal ball” for future problems elsewhere.
We met with Ukrainian cyber expert Yegor Aushev, cofounder of CyberUnit.Tech & Cyber School Ukraine, who was featured in the latest ETH Zürich Center for Security Studies (CSS) report as the architect of the Ukrainian cyber army, and assembled a 1,000 cybersecurity volunteer group since 24th of February. We asked Yegor about the current cybersecurity threat landscape in the ongoing war, how cyberspace is changing the rules of war and business in real-time, how the team tackles the challenges and keeps operating worldwide, and what the next steps on the agenda.
Read the interview and discover how a brave Ukrainian cyber team overcomes threats and goes ahead, driven by a mission to accelerate innovation in the Ukrainian tech scene and do it on the global stage
  • In fact, by showcasing Ukrainian tech excellence in management, methodologies, and reliable results delivery, our mission as a company is to elevate the perception of Ukraine as a country of innovation, where companies are able to solve hard strategic problems for their partners through products and services.
  • While building the volunteer system to defend Ukraine in cyber space, we have continued company operations in all our core business segments – cybersecurity, software development, and metaverse.
  • The most important element is that we created a model of a “cyber army” for the Government of Ukraine in under 2 weeks.
  • We are in the process of developing security products, some of them tested when defending Ukraine in cyberspace, and rolling them out to clients beginning fall.
  • Ukrainian companies now have the opportunities we could never dream about – we can show our innovation, courage, and skill on the global stage. To everyone reading this, now is our chance to show the real face of Ukraine – a country of excellence and bravery in tech.


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