How Ukrainian Cyber Army Was Created


Last month the Center of Security Studies of ETH Zürich presented the report about Ukrainian IT army. Today the Ukrainian cyber specialists of CyberUnitTech has published the long read about the origins of the Ukrainian Cyber Army – point of view by insiders.

  1. The idea of a Ukrainian volunteer cyber army was started by Yegor Aushev/CyberUnit.Tech on February 24, 2022. The cyber army is an initiative, a system of defense against an invader. The idea organically grew through fully decentralized mobilization of IT volunteers.

    The goal was twofold:

    • create a decentralized network of volunteers to defend Ukraine and civilian lives through the cyber space and
    • to create a model cyber army system for the Government of Ukraine, which the latter can use to scale its internal cyber defense capabilities in future.
  2. Ukraine is a land of freedom and highly skilled IT professionals. Each member will use their skills in whatever method they feel is best to fight the enemy.
  3. The IT Army telegram group started by the Ministry of Digital Transformation has played a great role in the cyber war, inspiring the world and letting Ukrainians know that they can be part of a force fighting the invaders.
  4. The Ukrainian cyber army movement is fully decentralized, with no single point of control.
  5. All groups within the cyber army are fully self-organized and independent, purely on volunteer basis. Some may coordinate their activities with relevant organizations in the Ukrainian government by passing intelligence or results of strategic importance.

Highlights of the story:

  • Part 1: Meaning of Freedom
  • Part 2: Tech Scene in Ukraine
  • Part 3: Cyber Army Creation Roots
  • Part 4: Characteristics of Ukrainian Cyber Army
  • Part 5: CyberUnit.Tech’s Participation in defense of Ukraine
  • Conclusion and Future Cyber Armies

The concept of a volunteer cyber army defending sovereign territory is not new. The fact is, all modern states do not yet have the sufficient ability to protect themselves from attacks in a cyber war and will need the cooperation of their IT population… It is impossible to exclude that the format in which the Ukrainian cyber army appeared as a collection of decentralized groups fighting for one cause, to repeal the invader from the territory of a sovereign state, will be a unique occurrence.

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