Ukraine As One Of The Biggest Force Of European Space Agency


According to the report by Noosphere Venture Partners “Ukraine space segment and European space agency cooperation capabilities”, Ukraine will be the one of the biggest force of European Space Agency – ESA.

Factors guaranteeing the development of the space sector of Ukraine:

  • 3 generations of engineers have grown up in the country and government enterprises have a huge legacy in the space;
  •  the Law on the Regulation of Space Activities, which allowed private companies to engage in space technology and led to the emergence of dozens of private space companies
  • After the war with Russia, Ukraine is obliged to build up its forces in space.

Existing projects with ESA:

  • Horizon 2020 – composite developments since 2016
  • Vega – forth stage engine development by Yuzhnoye SDO and Yuzhmash since 2012
  • Galileo – Ukraine is an operator of RIMS since 1999

The space sector of Ukraine has been developing steadily in recent years. Prior to the full-scale war, the government approved a budget for the country’s 5-year space strategy. According to this, it was planned to finance the entire sector by €151 million only in 2022. And after the end of the war, this figure is likely to increase. Thus, Ukraine can co-finance ESA programs and will became one of the top 10 European countries in this regard.

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