TNW: Ukrainian whose startup de-aged Luke Skywalker on stopping deepfake disinformation


Voice clones are becoming incredibly lifelike

  • Co-founder and CEO of Uktrainian AI startup Respeecher, Alex Serdiuk who won an Emmy for creating a deepfake Richard Nixon, developed voice clones for speech disabilities, and de-aged Mark Hamill’s vocal cords for The Mandalorian, explained the opportunities and threats of using deepfake.
  • Alex Serdiuk: “And our nation is smart. We have a belief in what’s going on in our government, and if someone says that our president gave up, most of the people would check those facts — especially because the deepfake was so bad.”
  • The company’s ethics statement prohibits deceptive uses of synthetic speech. The company has further pledged to never use the voice of a private person or actor without permission.
  • Respeecher is also developing two technical defenses: a synthetic speech detector and audio watermarking.

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