Sifted: Three Ukrainian entrepreneurs launch VC firm to boost the country’s tech scene

These entrepreneurs have created companies every Ukrainian knows and loves. Now they’ve launched a VC fund to teach others to be like them

  • Founded last month by 3 Ukrainian entrepreneurs – marketeer Andriy Fedoriv, Fedoriv Agency, in partnership with Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, Viacheslav Klymov, cofounders of Ukraine’s largest private delivery service Nova Poshta- Vesna VC has already found five startups that fit the bill and invested nearly $5m.
  • They’re all Ukrainian, but also have customers in Europe and the US: GoodPlastic Co Ltd Company, an eco-plastics manufacturer; Kooperativ, a coworking space;, a digital healthcare service; Salo, a video editing app; Remo, a developer of high-tech workspaces integrated into hotels around the world.
The launch of this fund is great news for the Ukrainian economy. There’s little venture money in the local market right now. The timing for Vesna’s partners is also good, as “prices are falling and the fund can invest in startups at much lower valuations, – Alexander Soroka, a Ukrainian VC based in California.
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