Ukraine Startup Integration Program in France


Free of equity program for Ukrainian startups in Europe: UVCA – Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, together with EuraTechnologies, Free Ukraine Foundation, Alliance Technologies and the support from the Mayor of Lille, Mrs. Martine Aubry, are launching Ukraine Startup Integration Program in France. The program is specially designed for Ukrainian innovative companies.
In France, startups have access to a number of subsidies and many forms of help, courtesy of either the government or private investors. Tax advantages such as a temporary tax exemption on profit can be life saving for a young business that is willing to expand.
Why choose the French ecosystem?
  • High level of R&D activity from corporations and academia
  • Massive involvement from corporations (open innovation, acceleration, venturing & spinoffs)
  • Generous public funding available
Ukraine Startup Integration Program includes:
  • 6-month acceleration program at EuraTechnologies
  • Unlimited co-working at Euratech
  • Integration into the EU ecosystem
  • In-kind support by 50+ top tech companies (AWS, Canva, IBM, Indeed, Microsoft, Miro, Stripe…)
  • Affordable housing
  • School for your kids
  • Medical insurance for your family
  • Further funding options
Learn more about the program and how to apply now
Make sure to apply before Aug 1st, 2022, and fill in all the details
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