Interview with Valentine Hrytsenko, CMO Ajax Systems

Founded in 2011 in Kyiv by Aleksandr Konotopskyi, today Ajax Systems is the largest manufacturer of security systems in Europe. Last year, the Ajax team grew to 1700 people, entered 10 new markets, and surpassed the mark of a million users.

Despite the war, all global challenges, and after the first quarter of the year, Ajax Systems started sales in North America and Australia, opened the plant in Turkey, and kept growing significantly, planning to surpass a milestone of 650 000+ devices next month.

We asked Valentine Hrytsenko, Chief Marketing Officer at Ajax Systems, how the company overcame the wartime challenges, where the team’s new frontiers are, and what it means to be a “made in Ukraine” brand on the global market.


  • Our regular shipments to partners were renewed on the 9th of March.
  • With the new plant in Istanbul and its capacity, we will strengthen our growth in Europe and New World markets, which is the core of our business strategy.
  • Ajax Systems is a global player, so it definitely won’t be our last production facility abroad.
  • I should emphasize the priceless help from partners in their orders, support, timely payments, and assistance in finding equipment and humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian army. That is extremely valuable to us.
  • We’ve turned difficult-to-understand equipment into the most convenient and sexy product that users want to buy.

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