AIN.UA: Ukrainian business prospects abroad – the case of ride-hailing service Uklon

In 12 years, ride-hailing service Uklon covered a long distance from “garage entrepreneurs” to a well-known Ukrainian IT company.

Dmitry Dubrovskyi, CEO & co-founder of the company, shared the details of how Uklon managed to enter highly competitive ride-hailing foreign markets during these turbulent times for Ukraine. Highlights:

  • We considered plans to enter foreign markets at the beginning of the year. However, we had to reconsider the model of expansion, as well as the list of countries where they wanted to scale the business in view of the attitude to Ukraine in the international arena. New countries that have become promising for launch have come into view.
  • We did a lot of work to prepare all the necessary materials for the franchise package. It is needed to include access to modern software ready for localisation and adaptation, consulting of the support team, a brand book with a developed identity and the ability of local adaptation. It requires a deep understanding of the operational process and readiness to maintain the business permanently.
  • We came across the idea of a Joint Venture partnership while talking to our potential partners. Some people were interested only in making an investment and choosing a region for running Uklon, meanwhile, they were ready to leave all the operational details on our side.
  • Now we are in the negotiation process with one big company that has its own ecosystem of services. And Uklon may be a complimentary service for such business. Ride-hailing may connect their users even more, for instance, insure delivery from their stores or organise logistic support for e-commerce businesses.
  • A loyal attitude to Ukrainians now doesn’t mean a “green light” to launch your business. Only improving your product and professional teamwork may give you results.
  • During wartime, when the number of service orders has dropped significantly, we do not think of giving up. On the contrary, in difficult times, bold decisions are made.
  • I believe 🇺🇦Ukrainian companies are ready to provide a truly independent and European level of service in any city outside Ukraine.
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