Ukrainians DRESSX Is On Meta Avatar Store

Founded by Ukrainians DRESSX released digital collection on Meta Avatar Store.

  • Following the collaboration announcements from the luxury brands BALENCIAGA Prada Group and Thom Browne, Inc., Meta partnered with DRESSX to bring the signature 3D outfits created in and for the metaverse to the Avatars Store.
  • The largest digital fashion retailer and a native 3D fashion creator, DRESSX now offers the collection of 3D outfits for users to purchase for their avatars across Meta including on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.
  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a live stream announcing the marketplace: “By putting faith in DRESSX, Meta is able to expand its reach in the fashion community and tap into the sector that is already engaged with digital fashion.”
  • Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, co-founders at DRESSX: “Being one of the first builders of the digital fashion industry and having a vast experience creating digital wardrobes for the metaverse, DRESSX is proud to join forces with Meta and allow people all around the globe to express their personality using a new disruptive set of tools. Fashion is a universal visual language, and we are honored to empower people creating avatars on Meta’s platforms with endless possibilities for expressing themselves in the digital world.”

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