Ampere News: Volunteers patrol Ukraine’s cyber front during war

Volunteers are working to protect Ukraine from cyberattacks and cyber spying during the Russian invasion. They know their work could save people from torture and death.

  • Anastasiia Voitova, security software engineer at Cossack Labs in Kyiv: “This war is very digital.” Voitova and others help for free, trying to protect sites and apps for refugees, humanitarian aide, and more.
  • Sergey Khariuk, offensive security lead at Divoro and co-founder of Cyberlands in Kyiv: “This attack and all other attacks which we saw in Ukraine, all of them, helped us to improve our cybersecurity defense services.” Sergey investigated previous attacks, analyzing the malware called BlackEnergy that Russia used in the blackout. He thought Russia was practicing for war. Now he’s volunteering to fend off more Russian cyberattacks during the war
  • Marina Krotofil, senior technical advisor for critical infrastructure protection at ISSP – Information Systems Security Partners: “We always have to be grateful to our enemies, you know, who make us stronger.” Krotofil also volunteers day and night, trying keep attackers out of Ukraine’s sensitive data and critical equipment, and other efforts to help Ukrainians during the war.

Watch and read via Ampere News 

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