Vogue: How the RIOTDIVISION brand helps at the frontline and on the home front

Ukrainian creative industry representatives stay toll during full-scale invasion, demonstrating unique resilience and power to mobilize people, resources, overcome existential challenges, and keep fighting on all frontiers.

  • The ability to transform and a hi-tech grade – values that have been professed in the team RIOTDIVISION since the founding of the brand.
  • Today, during the war, these values can be seen in action: the founder of the brand Oleg Moroz defends the country in the armed forces, other team members help on the home front, as well as provide their functional clothing to the armed forces and Territorial defense.
  • Oleg says that after what he saw in the liberated suburbs, he had a culture shock. No one could have imagined that this was possible in the 21st century. It is now clear that we are fighting against absolute evil. We are fighting not only for Ukraine, we are also fighting for civilization, for where the development of humanity will go.

  • The mission of the brand has always been to counteract destruction and destructiveness by constructive and creative. Together with the team, we analyzed the philosophy of the brand and came to the conclusion that it will never be the same as before. Today, the guys from the frontline write how our clothes help them. This is extremely important for us.
  • Also, the Kyiv-based team launched the courses of tactical medicine to provide it to civilians – to protect and save lives when russians keep bombing Ukraine. You could support the aid foundation here.

This is a historic moment of maturing nation, country. We pay a very high price for this, so we have no right to lose this chance, we have no right to tarnish the memory of those who gave their lives for the future of Ukraine, – Platon Osadchy, brand representative.

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