Ukrainian Service Liki24 Launched In Italy

The Ukrainian service Liki24 launched in Italy, spreading geographically and scaling up in European countries.

  • The company is already working in Poland and Romania.
  • The site allows user to place an order and arrange delivery by mail throughout the country. Later, after the end of the test period, it will also be possible to arrange fast courier delivery of goods in all big cities of Italy. Currently, the standard delivery cost is €4.49. If the order price is more than €25, medicines and related products will be delivered free of charge.
  • Recently, Ukrainian SID Venture Partners announced new deals in the portfolio — and
  • Liki24 is a next-gen e-commerce service for retail that orchestrates quick and planned deliveries of pharma products, price comparisons, and self-pickup options. The startup already become the leader in the Ukrainian market and entered a few European countries.

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