Ukrainian App obimy Topped The Ratings In American App Store


 In August, the Ukrainian application obimy topped the ratings of the most popular applications from the American App Store in the Lifestyle section.

  • After the team redesigned the app, “sharing feelings” became easier. The US audience picked up on this, and within a week, the Ukrainian Obimy became the top-ranked app in the Lifestyle category, surpassing Tinder, Pinterest, and Netflix.
  • Obimy is a Ukrainian application launched in 2020 by architect Zhenya Zasutskyi and the Empat IT company. With the help of Obimy, users can share pleasant gestures, “touches,” and talk about their moods with others.
  • In February of this year, Obimy had about 20,000 users. As of August 5, 2022, Obimy has reached 6.5 million downloads.

via Ukraine Business News

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