We help to protect: Android Application For Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Mozart Group and Ukrainian Freedom Fund with assistance of Provid, developed a modern training program and knowledge base tailored to help Ukrainians from combat tactics, weapon and explosive familiarization to providing medical aid.

In order to expand access to vital information about the military, a web version of the knowledge library was created together with the provid team, as well as a special application for mobile phones with online/offline access to materials. All Ukrainians have access to the library in Ukrainian.

Considerable attention was paid to the adaptation, translation, and practical application of the information presented in the knowledge base. The experts of The Mozart Group, together with the Ukrainian military, carefully selected materials for the library, taking into account their relevance and suitability to modern combat tactics.

Specialists from the Lutsk company IDEIL were involved in the development of individual sections of the application, and the Kyiv PR team PLEON worked on content for the knowledge base. 

Knowledge is vital on the front lines and near the battle lines. They, on par with weapons, can help the military destroy the enemy and win, so it is difficult to underestimate the importance of such products for the military, – Andy Milburn, founder of The Mozart Group.

The innovativeness of the TMG Training (Elaborate) program is hidden in the details of its preparation and creation. When creating the program, together with military experts, we emphasized the functionality, practicality, and accessibility of the program. All pages, sections and materials must be adapted to the environment of use and be useful.

  1. Content. Special and thorough attention was paid to the content. The materials that we were able to place in the application are not just pages of text, quotes from books, presentations, etc. All the material is information carefully selected by practical experts, shortened and adapted to the conduct of modern military operations in Ukraine. Several high-class specialists took part in the selection, who, thanks to their narrow profile specialization, could determine the importance of this or that material.
  2. The translation of materials took a special place in the preparation of the content, because it was not just translators and military experts who worked on it, who carefully ensured that the material could be read quickly, as well as that its presentation was understandable and accessible to the military.
  3. Offline access. Work without Internet access. Given the nature of the battle and the limitation of Internet access, the materials should be designed for offline use. Updates are downloaded as soon as network access is restored. In this way, we do not expose the guys at the front to danger, and we give full access to all materials.
  4. A single content management panel. Access to content management and administration is made as clear as possible, taking into account that content management can be performed both by ordinary TMG employees, and by consultants or even representatives of the Armed Forces with proper authorization of the person.
  5. Secret sections. The application contains secret sections, access to which is possible with a password.
  6. Balance and simplicity. The application is quite easy to use and helps you quickly find the information you need. This is a tribute to the conditions in which our military will work with the application.

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The international organization named The Mozart Group is composed of top tier Special Operators and soldiers and is led by retired Colonel Andrew Milburn, from all over the world with the single focus of helping Ukraine to to assist the Ukrainian people with re-establishing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country. 

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