The Wall Street Journal: Ukrainian Startups Secure Funding Even as War Endures


Early-stage investor FF Venture Capital raises $30 million fund to invest in Ukrainian companies and founders

Venture capital continues to flow to Ukraine’s startups, even as the war with Russia grinds on in its seventh month.

FF Venture Capital, a New-York based early-stage investor, announced a new fund that has raised $30 million to invest in Ukrainian companies and founders, according to Mariusz Adamski, a Warsaw-based FFVC partner. The fund, which is seeking to raise another $20 million, will invest in 15-20 startups that are either led by Ukrainian founders, or have relocated from Ukraine, or employ Ukrainian refugees.

“Our thesis is that Ukraine will win the war, will become a member of the European Union and there will be plenty of money flowing for the country to innovate,” said Mr. Adamski. “We believe the money will be there because the talent and government support will be there.”

FFVC’s Blue & Yellow Heritage Fund, which recalls the colors of the Ukrainian flag, will invest in startups working on enterprise software, financial technology and several other industries.

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