Startup Academy: Training Course By Google For Ukrainian Startups

How to develop your own startup and bring it to the market: Startup Academy, a training course by Google for Ukrainian startups

The free three-week online course “Startup Academyfrom Google is an opportunity to learn how to develop a startup, as well as learn how to bring your business to the Ukrainian and international markets and attract investments.

The course workshops will be useful for representatives of Ukrainian startups of various stages and everyone who wants to launch and develop their own startup. The trainers of the course are representatives of the Ukrainian startup industry, business owners and managers, startup founders, lecturers and startup mentors. 

The first training will take place on October 20 at 16:00. The course consists of 7 educational trainings and covers the following topics:

  • building a business model and launching a startup;
  • team management and financial management;
  • unit economy and startup market entry;
  • attraction of investments and grants.

Register and get the opportunity to:

  • get practical advice and examples from experienced trainers;
  • do homework with expert advice;
  • hear success stories and learn the specifics of the industry; 
  • ask questions during the live trainings;
  • become a winner among participants and receive gifts from Google by answering questions on workshops’ topics at Kahoot!.

Find the program and more information on the course website.

Join and gain practical knowledge to develop your own startup!

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