Ukrainian Depositphotos Launched Tool To Remove Video Backgrounds

The international content platform has launched an online tool for convenient work with videos. It is AI-based, requires no editing skills, and removes backgrounds from videos in seconds. 

  • Background remover is a simple yet essential solution for everyday content creation. From now on, Depositphotos users can edit videos directly on the website. To remove the background from a video, upload a file to the tool’s page and wait a few seconds. After that, download the received file to your device. The tool automatically recognizes video backgrounds taken on a white backdrop or any other screen and makes it transparent.
  • The tool works with all types of objects: people, objects, animals, graphics. For the best results, developers recommend choosing images and videos with clearly defined objects in the foreground.
  • The tool can be used for commercial and personal use. It is possible to not only edit files purchased on Depositphotos, but also your own visual materials. You can upload videos in AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, and MPEG formats with a maximum duration of 60 seconds and a file size of 2 GB. You can download the MP4 file after removing the backdrop. All processed files are automatically deleted after seven days.
  • The free version of the tool allows you to upload medium-sized processed images or videos. To get HD files with transparent backgrounds, you’ll need to choose a background removal plan.

We’ve been working for a long time to create an ecosystem that would benefit our users and make it easier for them to work with content. Among the services provided by Depositphotos are Image Upscaler, Image Background Remover, and Reverse Image Search tools. Since video content is an integral part of a creative’s work, we decided to expand our arsenal and add a tool to remove the background from videos. The technology is based on neural networks – the algorithm analyzes your image or video, separates the foreground from the background, and isolates the main object (or objects), = says Igor Kaliuzhnyi, Senior Product Director at Depositphotos.

Depositphotos is an international content platform with a library of over 230 million stock photos, videos, vectors, and audio tracks. The Depositphotos community unites 100,000 authors whose work helps customers from 192 countries visualize their ideas. The company has its headquarters in New York and offices in Kyiv, Milan, and Limassol.

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