Polskie Radio: Yegor Aushev & Ukrainian cyber frontier

Ukrainian cybersecurity expert Yegor Aushev, the cofounder of CyberUnitTech, well-known worldwide, told the Polskie Radio about cyber defenders during wartime, shedding light onto:

  • Initiative of assembling the cyber army on the 24th of February
  • key offensive operations from the first days of a full-scale invasion
  • partnership with Anonymous and Belorussian Cyber Partisans
  • the award by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine for comprehensive support in the cyberfrontier during wartime
  • and the next step in the cooperation between government, volunteers and business

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According to the latest ETH Zürich CSS report, Aushev “embarked on assembling a 1,000-men strong Ukrainian cybersecurity volunteer group at the request of a senior Ukrainian Defense Ministry official”.

In early June, VICE News released the movie “HACK BACK” via SHOWTIME, presenting Ukrainian cyber warriors who defend the country; Aushev was one of the series’ heroes, acting as the architect of the new cyber army from the first days of a full-scale invasion and invented the cyberspace rules for the ongoing cyber war.

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