“How did you do it?”: Podcast About Ukrainian Tech

Vector Media and Genesis Academy launched the podcast “How did you do it?” about how to create and develop products, teams and ideas. Listen on all podcast platforms.

What is the podcast about?

In the podcast, they talk about development cases of prominent Ukrainian product companies, and discover new faces. Learn how to build and grow a product, team, and ideas.

The project was created by Vector, a non-boring media about the creative economy, and Genesis Academy, an ecosystem of educational opportunities in various areas of product IT from the Genesis co-founding IT company.

“How did you do it?” wants to share stories and practical information to get even more people involved in entrepreneurship and creating value. The aim of the podcast is to inspire the creation and development of Ukrainian product companies, to implement ideas and potential.

The host is Vector editor-in-chief Liza Bordunova. The podcast is released in Ukrainian. New issue every Wednesday.


Vector has already released 3 episodes of the podcast:

Mstislav Banik, head of electronic services development at the Ministry of Digital Transformation, spoke about: 

  • how a bureaucratic system can produce effective and modern solutions,
  • digitalization strategy of public services,
  • measuring the effectiveness of non-commercial products,
  • profile of the team that creates THIS,
  • spoiler of future announcements in Diya.

Yevhen Donets, CEO of Helsi, spoke about: 

  • the first successes that came only after the third attempt and what happened before that; 
  • how to build a product in close cooperation with the government; 
  • what personal traits of the CEO slow down (and accelerate) the development of Helsi.

Margarita Sivakova, CEO of Legal Nodes, spoke about: 

  • three unsuccessful attempts and pivots (changes in the direction of work and business model) on the way to a working and profitable product; 
  • why it is more important to listen to yourself than to mentors (even the coolest ones); 
  • how to make x2 during a crisis; 
  • the path of a Ukrainian startup to the British and world market;

Where to listen

You can listen to the podcast on the following platforms:

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