European Metaverse Summit & Awards 2022: Global Trends And Ukraine

On 27 October in Berlin took place the  European Metaverse Summit & Awards, a niche event for top execs and leading entrepreneurs in the emerging Metaverse ecosystem. Guests coming from Japan, Korea, Israel, Miami, New York, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine.


During the day over 35 panelists and speakers presented the trends and insights about metaverse, discussing topics top-of-mind in the disruptive Metaverse/Web3 space.

Among keynoters were:

  • Robert Gunther, Meta Inc., Head of Reality Labs Developer Partnerships, with presentation “World-builders – How the ecosystem of developers and creators is building the very foundation of the metaverse”
  • Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO at The Sandbox, with speech about “Why and when your brand should develop a metaverse presence, and how you can drive reputational and commercial success”

Featured discussions within the event: 

  • How web3 is a game-changer for sports, clubs and fans
  • Blockchain Gaming: Predictions for 2023 (and the impact of digital asset ownership)  
  • Partnerships and CVC’s: Advantages and Disadvantages of Scaling with Large Corporates


28 Jury members voted for 103 top Companies who were shortlisted at European Metaverse Summit & Awards.

Ukrainian SoftServe and PartySpace were featured in several categories: 

  • Softserve: Top Partner for establishing early-stage presence in Metaverse; Top XR/AR/VR firm
  • Party.Space: Top European Metaverse Platform; Top Sports, or Events, Brand Initiative; Most-Exciting Early-Stage Company

In a tight competition among world-class firms and fast-growing Web3/Metaverse companies, votes from Jury were combined with the Popular Vote from all attendees via the Brella platform.

The combined voting distinguished the following winners:

  • Top Debut in Metaverse: DEPT®
  • Top European Metaverse Platform: Azerion / Sulake
  • Top Blockchain Developer Services Provider:
  • Top Blockchain Game of the Year: WAM
  • Top Corporate Partnership Project: Webhelp and The Sandbox
  • Top Cloud, Enterprise, or Technology Partner: Hadean
  • Top Partner for establishing early-stage presence in Metaverse:
  • Most Innovative NFT project: DecentWorld
  • Top 3D Design Firm: YOONA.AI
  • Top Fashion, or Consumer, Brand Initiative: DeepGears Ltd
  • Top Sports, or Events, Brand Initiative: Metasport Arena
  • Top CVC Partner for Web 3.0/Metaverse Development: Siemens and NVIDIA
  • Top VC/Accelerator/Incubator for Metaverse/Web 3.0: Blueverse Ventures
  • Top Avatar Design, Digital-Twin or Identity Company: Ready Player Me
  • Top B2B or Industrial Initiative: Hadean
  • Most-Exciting StartUp Company: Anymate Me
  • Most-Exciting Early-Stage Company: METAV.RS
  • Top XR/AR/VR firm: NeXR Technologies
  • Top Legal Firm or Legal Services for Metaverse/Web 3.0 businesses: Gleiss Lutz
  • Top Consumer Hardware or Interface for Metaverse/Web 3.0: LG plans TV for NFTs

This 1st annual event, European Metaverse Summit & Awards, was MC’ed by Thom Barnhardt, founder of CEE Business Media, and co-MC’ed by Klaudia Archimowicz of Disruption Banking (London), and organized by CEE Business Media.

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