BBC: Ukraine war. Trying to run start-ups in a conflict

Bombing, the targeting of infrastructure and blackouts are just a few of the challenges of working in Ukraine right now. And yet a delegation of Ukrainian start-ups have made the long journey to Las Vegas, to the world’s biggest tech gathering CES 2023. Trying to create a successful start-up at the best of times is a huge challenge but doing so at a time of war is punishingly difficult.

  • Lyubomyr D. Dykun, CEO of G-MAK: “Ukrainians know how to defend” is the company’s wry slogan. However, the war has created a huge problem for him. The workforce he had has been decimated. “We have lost five people,” he says, holding back tears. Lyubomyr is looking to try to produce his home security units in America. For him, CES is a vital chance to meet potential investors.
  • Artem Dudinskyi, co-founder of Corner: “Sometimes my working day is limited to the battery of my computer… two weeks ago I didn’t have any electricity for three days,” he says. Artem has found a solution of sorts though. His local gas station has a reliable generator. His office is now a petrol pump forecourt. It is the only way the programmer can work.
  • Mariana Romaniak, Rekava: “All of our big investors and big companies are supporting the army.” Mariana says being in Lviv – close to the border with Poland – has actually helped business.
  • Tatiana Gorzey, eFarm: “30% of Ukrainian fields have been contaminated. If the fields are millions of acres, it’s really difficult to check every inch.”

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Organization of the Ukrainian delegation at CES 2023 became possible due to the joint work of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), Ukrainian Startup Fund with USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (USAID CEP), Western NIS Enterprise Fund, Global Innovation through Science and Technology and Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Information partner: TechUkraine.

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