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The coronacrisis caused significant economic turmoil in the world, pushing a lot of companies to the edge. Plenty of organizations now have to contemplate difficult strategic and ethical decisions. A lot of IT companies don’t have another choice but to decrease salaries, take projects that don’t address their needs and budgets, significantly reduce prices, or layoff staff because of the lack of work for the employees on the bench. Trading the business waters during such a powerful recession is a risky and challenging endeavor. 

However, often, such challenging times are the source of inspiration because the crisis highlights the weaknesses and troubles of the system and hints to the possible solutions. These troublesome times were also a motivator for Lviv entrepreneurs Yuriy Gnatyuk and Anton Skrypnyk, who experienced the negative influence of the crisis on their business as well. 

Thus, after witnessing the decrease of numbers of new leads, suspension of some current projects, and the ambiguous future of the rest, they came up with the idea of a platform that would help IT outsourcing and outstaffing companies to stay afloat and even boost their revenues by creating win-win partnerships with similar companies. After a month of hard work, on the 18th of May, a B2B collaboration platform — SignSpot — was officially launched. Just in several days, it received more than 50 applications from Ukrainian companies of various sizes.

Such an appeal of SignSpot is easy to explain considering the services that the platform grants. As follows, taking into account primary sources of IT service companies’ pains and needs, SignSpot allows to

  • Sell irrelevant leads to other companies for the percent of profits
  • Outstaff your bench to companies who lack employees with relevant experience for new projects
  • Hire a bench of other companies
  • Exchange experience and expertise with similar organizations

As a result, the companies will be able to receive profit from opportunities that otherwise would be lost due to the gap between a customer’s request and a company’s strategic focus, industry focus, and/or expertise. Finding a team for a new project with SignSpot is simple and cheap as well. 

The additional benefits of the platform are 

  • The minimum of bureaucracy. Companies can negotiate the terms of their partnerships directly to determine the best option for both parties. 
  • It’s free to use. Users pay only after signing deals with other companies (pay as you earn). The price for signed deals is a simple flat-rate equal to $256, which applies to all kinds of deals provided by SignSpot. 

SignSpot’s primary mission is to improve the stability, boost the profitability of outsourcing and outstaffing companies, and create a system of supporting partnerships within the industry. If you want to try SignSpot yourself, visit the site and apply to the service. 

Yuriy Gnatyuk, Co-founder at SignSpot

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