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During the last 10 months, TechUkraine has been enforcing the country branding on the national and international level to help all tech businesses sell more and better.

Our Portal, a powerful and unique resource of information, focused on the Tech industry of Ukraine. It was created as the tool to tell to the world and also to Ukrainians about achievements of the sector. Here you can find showcases of the projects and products Ukraine’s proud of; all about what’s happening in the Tech industry; why you should consider to cooperate with Tech Hubs of Ukraine; how to open IT business at Discover Ukraine; in our Blog we collaborate with leading legal, finance, product companies and opnion leaders to provide the market with relevant reviews and opinions.

Our Portal has served a source for the launching of the programmes in Ukraine by representatives of Tech industries from U.S, Netherlands, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Pakistan, Romania, Poland, etc.

And we don’t want to stop.

We are gathering support from the ecosystem to continue the work on the portal

Why it is important: we want our country to be known because of its achievements, not problems. We want to overcome negative positioning of Ukraine due to the past economic & political situation, lack of systematic positive communication with the rest of the world.

What we are doing: establishing potential bridges between Ukraine and the rest of the world,  creating an environment for businesses, knowledge institutions, and capital providers to find each other via creating a portal acting as a guide for the Ukraine Tech ecosystem, that frames, unites and strengthens the whole ecosystem.


“We will use every cent of this money to create better conditions for your business to prosper and develop. Donate and let’s keep rocking!”

Nataly Veremeeva

What we need money for:

  1. On-going content update (showcases, news stories, more tech hubs, trend analysis, events, interviews, opinions)
  2. Gathering international network of UA Embassies, Local Associations, media and event companies
  3. PR Campaigns on Key Export Markets
  4. Showcasing UA Tech ecosystem at international conferences, ecosystem rankings

We are raising 60 000 EUR to: 

  • Boost sales of every single company in our ecosystem via stronger country branding, better visibility of companies to potential clients
  • Help potential clients, investors, partners find their way to the right match in our ecosystem and get ample information for decision making in favour of Ukraine as a location.
  • Tell our story globally to show real worth of UA Tech sector to the world
  • Help us all be proud of being Ukrainian and working in Tech Sphere of our country

Any investment is appreciated. We want to talk about UA Tech to the rest of the world and develop our national pride.

Please support us in this important endeavor.


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All the support provided will bring us one step closer to our mutual aim – a strong country with developed Tech, known worldwide.

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TechUkraine’s Highlights

Since October 2019, we:

  • have written 51 showcases, 
  • gathered 28 reports, 
  • shared over 870 news and 100 blog articles, 
  • described 7 Tech Hubs (Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Chernigiv), 
  • provided tens of links to communities.

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