Invest in Bravery

Invest in bravery

Ukraine is working now!

While a large number of Ukrainians are fighting for democracy, the rule of law, and the common security of all peace-loving, democratic peoples over the entire world, another part is willing and able to work – to provide incredible value in the IT and high-tech sectors to support the economy of Ukraine and power businesses and projects with partners all over the world.

The mission of the Invest in Bravery IT conference is to show the world that the Ukrainian IT and high tech sectors never stopped – despite everything, the Ukrainian IT sector grew in 2022.

Invest in Bravery

brings more than a dozen international investors, entrepreneurs, C-level executives and companies from outside Ukraine to Kyiv to show the rest of the world that you should not be afraid. There is no need to wait. Ukraine is working now. Ukrainian companies are capable of doing incredible things even under difficult circumstances – nothing can stop them – come join the success story – be a part of history – the time to engage with Ukraine is now!

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Start | 19.04.23


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April 19, 2023