Allset: Dine wait-free

Allset is a comprehensive platform that connects local restaurants and busy diners for easy and frictionless everyday dining.



Allset is a comprehensive platform that connects local restaurants and busy diners for easy and frictionless everyday dining.

How does it work?

Allset, a restaurant reservation, and pre-ordering app rely on AI and machine learning. Allset platform connects local restaurants and busy diners for easy and frictionless everyday dining. 

Through the app, the client can make reservations and place lunch orders ahead of time to ensure that he has a table and that the meal is on the said table within minutes of your arrival. The service also completely removes time spent (people save from 10 to 30 minutes every time they visit a restaurant) waiting for the check by allowing you to pay for your meal in-app beforehand. 

Restaurants can double their table turnover and bring more customers to their doors by offering easy and fast dine-in and pickup services. Businesses can provide their employees with company-paid meals at restaurants.

AI and machine learning technology of the product analyzes peak hours and capacity at restaurants to decide if we should send more or fewer orders. Also, AI helps to identify profiles of potential free credit abusers and block them automatically. In addition, Allset is integrated with multiple POS systems and kitchen printers.

Success story

Allset was co-founded by Stas Matviyenko and Anna Polishchuk in 2015 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and Kyiv, Ukraine. Allset team has 5 years of expertise in building solutions for restaurants: a mobile loyalty program called Advice Wallet with 500+ restaurants in 4 countries, and a mobile payment app called Settle – the first in Eastern Europe. Being a busy professional in Kyiv, Allset CEO Stas Matviyenko and teammates always left the office for lunch. But they hated wasting time during busy lunch hours. They started thinking about how to improve this gap. The research shows that people usually spend up to 30 minutes at restaurants waiting, and only 15 minutes eating their lunch. It was a problem for the team and they decided to solve it – took on the challenge and built the beta version of Allset within two weeks. The first user feedback was great, and we decided to launch the service in the busiest cities in the United States.

During 4 years Allset raised up to $10M from Greycroft, Andreessen Horowitz, Vaizra Investments, Compound, FJ Labs, SMRK. As of 2019, there are 2000+ restaurants who became partners with the startup and 12 American cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami where the app is available. The company has already signed with a number of major restaurant chains in multiple markets, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Bj’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Bareburger, Freshii, and other brands.

In January 2019 Allset announced a partnership with Google. It means all the venues that work with the startup will be shown on Google Maps with a link to the startup’s services.

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