Center42: acceleration the growth of startup corporate innovation

Center42, first Ukrainian innovation agency, helps organizations to grow and improve their efficiency by investing efforts in innovation. The team focuses on launching, developing, and promoting startup projects, innovative hubs, and corporate innovation programs.

What was the challenge?

Less than 20% of top-100 Ukrainian corporations cooperate with startups and invest efforts in innovation. We believe that innovation could help companies to launch new products, increase efficiency and profits, to improve customer experience, and discover new markets.

Therefore, Kirill Mazur, CEO of Center42, established a company that would empower the local startup ecosystem and would help corporations to invest in innovation and startup-corporate engagement.

The mission of Center42 is to help Ukrainian companies make a breakthrough in the market with the best innovation in services, products, and customer experience. As an impact-oriented team, we lead at least 5-7 ecosystem projects annually and extend cooperation with the global innovation key players. Our projects and efforts are aimed at strengthening the country’s economy and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit among Ukrainians. 

Success story

Center42 is an impact-oriented company with a team that completed 30+ ecosystem projects, startup programs, innovative researches for the Ukrainian tech ecosystem, and 40+ startup investments for the last 5 years.

We host annual 42 Investment Summit 2019 – the conference that united 350+ tech-professionals from the CEE region and 20+ investors who are running $250 million for investments and over $15 million for grants.

We also regularly release new researches and projects on innovation trends in different industries – like SaaS market in UkraineUkrainian MarTech Industry, or  Investment and Innovation Glossary with key terms and startup definitions in Ukrainian.

We will keep boosting the Ukrainian innovation ecosystem capacity, creating more opportunities for startups and corporates as well as promoting the local tech ecosystem among global investors and entrepreneurs. 

About this Show Case

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personKirill Mazur, CEO