EPAM Ukraine: Brussels Airport on its way to the future

EPAM Ukraine: Brussels Airport on its way to the future


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What is/was the challenge?

Brussels Airport is a major European hub, serving more than 24 million passengers per year. In March 2019, Brussels Airport hosted about 2 million passengers – 1.9% more compared to the same period in 2019. Increased passenger traffic means heightened customer expectations. To meet these expectations, the Brussels Airport company decided to move towards operational excellence in customer service by becoming more people-oriented, focusing on experiences and giving a human touch to the airport. They also sought to strengthen their own position and influence within the industry by developing their digital services.

What is the project?

The first wave of change: marketplace 

The EPAM team and Brussels Airport began with the creation of an e-commerce platform. If you look at the airport from a perspective other than as just a place to move people, you see that it is also a good place to sell goods and services to people.

This trend was called clicks to bricks. A popular example of the bricks and clicks model is when a chain of stores allows customers to order products either online or physically in one of their stores and then to either pick up their order directly at a local branch of the store or get it delivered to their home). This concept is commonly used by many large retailers like METRO, Walmart, etc.

The basic idea is simple – to bring an innovative approach to something that has already worked successfully for a long time. In this case, we aimed to bring the benefits of an offline shop into an online format. Brussels Airport hosts about 260 companies that report to the airport, paying lease fees and commissions for each item or service sold. EPAM was responsible for the development of the e-commerce solution – the Brussels Airport Digital Marketplace. 

ENJOY loyalty digital solution

Imagine a single point of entry for the whole airport, a dashboard integrated with the marketplace, stores and airport services such as a fast-track security line, lounge access and getting hearts points that can be used to buy presents. These are the changes we brought to Brussels airport over the five months of our partnership.

The EPAM team already had experience in developing loyalty platforms, so we re-used the EPAM Loyalty Accelerator. This allowed us to launch the core of the Loyalty platform much faster. The program’s principle was very simple: passengers receive bonus points for each activity in the airport. Later, the project evolved into a broader solution that integrated all the airport’s systems and services. The Brussels Airport Loyalty System was named ENJOY, which perfectly describes its key idea. Now ENJOY has an advanced functionality and is not limited to getting and using loyalty points.

While passengers are getting their bonuses, the airport also benefits from collecting important customer data they can analyze to get a 360° view of the client. This will help to improve the customer experience and increase their loyalty and desire to shop.

The solution provides comprehensive data confidentiality and protection. 

All services at your fingertips

After scanning their boarding pass, passengers will automatically be synchronized with all the services. For example, they can rent a car, pack their luggage, buy items in stores, or pass a quick safety check in one click and get bonus points that can be used later (to buy, say, Belgian chocolate). They can take quizzes and get extra points for answering questions. The loyalty system has Silver and Basic tiers that are awarded for a certain number of points and offer different privileges. A personalization feature was implemented for each tier so that certain multimedia content would become accessible when moving to the next tier. There also will be a Gold tier, which will give VIP access to airport services like buying tickets using bonus points and a “first come, first serve” feature where the first one to check in gets free benefits.

 Business value

Brussels Airport can now communicate with customers directly, and the relevant airport departments can use the loyalty program and digital technologies to collect data about passenger behavior. This means further development of local services, which lead to an increase in non-flight-related revenues.

 This solution should provide the best passenger experience, stimulating customer loyalty and motivating them to make further purchases. It also has to be the most convenient platform for offline shops physically located at the airport and additional service providers.

 The story of ENJOY does not end there. The EPAM team is working on new features to make the solution as convenient as possible for passengers and easy, adaptable and fully aligned with current trends. This is a good reason for anyone to fly to Brussels and try to ENJOY themselves. Sign up on the website and enjoy!

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