LaMetric: The most versatile timepiece and lighting for smart living

How does it work? 

So far, LaMetric has created 2 products: LaMetric TIME & LaMetric SKY. 

LaMetric Time is an award-winning connected clock that tracks time, weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines, and any other metric needed for your home or business. It works as an always-on display by showing notifications from a smartphone, smart home devices, and allowing anyone to control them with the click of a button. LaMetric Time eliminates the need to check multiple apps or news sites for the information you need. Instead, you receive key information at a glance, all in one place.

The product has its own app available in the Apple Store and Play Market. It has 5 preinstalled apps: alarm clock, weather, internet radio, timer, and stopwatch. LaMetric Appstore reinvents the clock with apps from different developers for your taste.

LaMetric SKY – mosaic custom-shaped lighting that is aimed to brighten up your mood with different light effects, decorate the interior with paintings and motivate with social media counters, sales figures, and more. Enjoy the sunrise, lightning, rainbow, and other sky effects that will definitely make your interior stand out.  

Success Story 

LaMetric was founded in 2013 in Lviv, Ukraine, by 3 inspired Ukrainians Nazar Bilous, Dmytro Baryskyy, and Igor Kishchak. 

The idea of creating a smart clock LaMetric TIME came up while developing educational games for kids. When working on that project, the team realized they spend too much time tracking such figures like their income over a day/week/month, the number of downloads they get, their subscriber and follower count, and other metrics important for a business. Whenever you want to get this info, you should open a separate platform, log in there, find a proper page, and so on – it’s time-consuming. That’s when Nazar Bilous came up with the idea of having all this up-to-date information in one place and getting it at a glance with 0 effort. To not overload the workspace, the team decided to fulfill this idea in a desk clock. 

After a year of development and 5 prototypes on hands, LaMetric team had started their Kickstarter campaign. That should have been the last test to see if the product was worth producing. Fortunately, the campaign was very successful as backers loved the product and, after 40 days, funded it on $370 000. 

Results after 5 years of work: 

  1. Present on Amazon USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Japan. Among the first products to be included in Amazon Launchpad.
  2. Partners with Bosch, Thermador, Spotify, Home Connect, Conrad Connect, and others. 
  3. Winner of the Red Dot Award 2016. 
  4. Presented in retail stores on more than 20 markets. 
  5. Reviewed by the most popular YouTubers and online magazines like TechCrunch, CNET, AppleInsider, 9to5Mac, Phandroid, UnboxTherapy, Marques Brownlee, and others. 

Now, the team is focused on their second product LaMetric SKY and more products are yet to come soon. 

About this Show Case

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personAnastasia Iskovych, PR Manager