Pangram: unique platform that helps art institutions to build awareness and presence in digital world


Founded in 2019 by Kateryna Ray and Serhii Nezhinsky, Х-Platform it is an institution that specialized in the integration of new technologies into visual arts.

What is the challenge?

In Ukraine and the world, there was no online institution that would unite different institutions and activities in the cultural field, which would systematically present and promoted the activities of these institutions and artists at the international level online.

No specially designed space would allow presenting art objects online without aesthetic and conceptual losses.An institution that promotes constant International collaboration between cultural institutions regardless of the economic and socio-political situation, in an environment where offline projects are challenging (in terms of resources, logistics, funding, etc.) to develop, Pangram provides a full service for such collaboration.

Many collections, both private and museum, can now be displayed in virtual halls, which will increase the popularity of the collections. This association of partners makes the creation and promotion of the content more effective in an international format.

There are more opportunities for international collaborations in the field of culture. An innovative idea is being implemented, a new format for the presentation of visual art in Ukraine (and as our research has shown) in the world.

A platform for presenting cultural heritage sites and new types and genres of visual arts will be developed, such as motion design, generative graphics, virtual sculpture, etc.

The operation of such a platform will add to the field of inclusion in cultural processes, as people with disabilities and social wealth will be able to attend Pangram events.

What is the solution?

Pangram provides this opportunity by developing a strategy, bringing together partners, and developing a unique digital space that has received a patent to date.

Pangram has an institutional structure that provides curatorial, managerial, legal support to institutions and artists, taking into account the issues of copyright, security, and uniqueness of a material that goes to the open space of the Internet.

This project contributes to the close collaboration of IT and art because the technology of the gaming industry is for the first time adapted to the needs of art to such an extent features.

Pangram differs from all existing templates-online constructors, where it is possible to present art objects, such as Mozilla Hubs, which does not give even 30 percent of Pangram’s functionality and image quality.

At this stage, the team has developed a technical platform, which is a hybrid of several programs, and developed functionality, platform design.

What are the final results?

According to the unique curatorial concept, the Pangram provides opportunities to build a virtual exhibition, create/construct special unique digital spaces for exhibitions of different architectural plan, size, configuration, with a set of unique characteristics. The client could easily change the architecture of the space by choosing wall color, room layout, and room configuration, light, and background music.

A platform is freely available online and does not require additional devices and tools for demonstration.

Platform functionality:

  • The platform combines digitized tangible and digitally created art objects realized by new technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, generative installation, generative graphics, motion design, parametric sculpture, jet installation, sound sculpture, etc. 
  • Provides the ability to combine and operate visual content with institutions of various formats, such as museums, galleries, foundations, private museums, collections, studios, fairs, etc.,  in building new collaborations and professional relationships.

Today, there are web versions of online museums and galleries and even online spaces, but Pangram has the following technical priorities:

  • the ability to integrate virtual reality technologies into the web version of the platform
  • teleports from different halls and between objects
  • integrating videos into the web
  • binaural (spatial) sound
  • reproduction of own light and sound in space
  • animated light sources
  • positioning the camera relative to the art object
  • integration of active links to other web resources, with the ability to go to them directly from the application

What’s next?

1. It is proposed to create a virtual 3D exhibition dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Honchar (1911-1993) – Ukrainian artist, sculptor, ethnographer, collector of Ukrainian antiquities: authentic objects of folklife, works of art, ancient photographs, and the founder of a private home museum from which the National Center of Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar Museum” later emerged. The project plans to create an exhibition of four virtual halls, which will exhibit museum objects, photographs, documents, videos related to the exploration activities of Ivan Gonchar in different regions of Ukraine from the late 1950s to the early 1990s. It will also be possible to use VR helmets to develop a web page with a virtual 3D exposure, which can be visited from both PCs and mobile devices.

2. The platform will be presented at the scientific conference SPT 2021 (France) – The Society for Philosophy and Technology Conference. Based on XP, continuous cultural research activities are carried out, the results of which have been embodied, including in the FOSFEN project. The FOSFEN project is a nonismatic manifesto prepared in a visual and theoretical report within the most prominent international scientific conference SPT 2021 (France), devoted to technology, transhumanism, and modern technology culture. The results of the forum will be available in June 2021. The report includes 3 blocks – visual (art objects), theoretical (audio / text explications), sound (sound design, xenoacoustics). 

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