Serpstat: the largest database of keywords

Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform with tools that help customers analyze competitors and lead projects, track daily rankings, monitor the backlinks and content quality, collect keywords for new and old web pages, find website issues with recommendations on their fixing and much more. 

Serpstat is trusted by 300,000 users worldwide from large teams to SEO individuals, including Shopify, Lenovo, L`Oreal, Deloitte, Samsung, Uber and Yves Rocher.

How does Serpstat work?  

All tasks from analyzing competitors to managing SEO teams can be made in a single platform. Complex tools were developed by Ukrainian engineers and some of the algorithms are patented technologies. The key features include the following: 

  1. Serpstat has the largest keyword database for Google on the market. Algorithms continually collect keywords from different sources and update the data for 230 Google regions. Over 5 Billion keywords and domains help users analyze competitors, collect the most relevant organic and paid keywords, analyze the best web pages in terms of traffic. 
  2. Serpstat has its own backlink index. Serpstat`s robots collect data and analyze websites in a similar way to Google. With these data SEO specialists analyze a backlink profile, monitor new and lost backlinks, measure links authority, and research competitors backlinks to find out which sites and pages link to them and use these insights on the next link building campaigns. 
  3. With Serpstat users get daily keyword rankings for every city and language. These data are essential for controlling online marketing presence. Large-scale rank tracking technology is reliable enough to provide the most accurate data possible. In 2019 the company invested in computing infrastructure all around the world to give the most accurate results for every location.
  4. Serpstat Site Audit shows technical issues that may harm the website’s rankings. All issues are categorized by their priority to focus on the most important ones; all of them include detailed instructions on how to fix them.
  5. Serpstat developed an own algorithm for keyword clustering. Keyword Clustering is the easiest way to optimize one page for multiple keywords. It groups a set of keywords in different clusters depending on how similar they are. The level of similarity/differentiation depends on the set parameters. This tool is a must-have solution for those who create a tree-view plan for a new website.
  6. The text Analysis tool is one of those Serpstat tools created for content creators. The tool is designed to provide recommendations on how to improve on-page SEO. That is, what changes a customer needs to make on the page to better optimize it for keywords from a cluster or what keywords specialist should insert into page content if he’s doing a page SEO from scratch.

Success Story

Founded in 2013, Serpstat started as an internal keyword research tool of Netpeak Agency and had been growing and improving ever since. Two years later an in-house software turned into an independent product with the head office in Odesa, Ukraine. Starting from 3 specialists in a team, currently, Serpstat is among the top leading SEO platforms with 90+ employees on board. 

Serpstat is the top-3 best SEO platform for Small Businesses according to G2 with 392 positive reviews. At the same time, Serpstat has a 4,7 / 5 rating based on 113 reviews on Capterra.

Serpstat`s Autocomplete suggestions tool became the product of the day on Product Hunt and shortly after this, Serpstat became the best selling SEO platform ever promoted on Appsumo.

In 2019 Serpstat`s team collected the largest keyword database on the market with more than 5 Billion keywords for 230 Google regions and started crawling their own backlink index.

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personEUGENE LATA, VP of Marketing at Serpstat