SYNCHRO SPACE: an incubator of innovative solutions for cities

SYNCHRO SPACE is the unique platform for synchronization of activities of different specialists (architects, designers, IT-specialists, engineers, environmentalists) with the purpose of joint development and implementation of innovative urban projects in Ukrainian cities and the world.

What was the challenge?

Urbanization, the fourth technological revolution, environmental and social changes – are shaping the vector of urban development in the world. New projects for cities that meet the requirements of our time, lifestyle, and the needs of the citizens – are solutions on the crossing competencies of people of different professions – IT, architects, designers, engineers, ecologists, sociologists, etc.

SYNCHRO SPACE was launched to create the necessary conditions and environment to synchronize different professionals and implement such solutions.

SYNCHRO SPACE collaborates with the city government allows formulating actual tasks for teams to develop innovative projects. It enables professionals and startups to solve the critical social and economic needs of cities. Also, it promotes the implementation of the best technological, urban, and environmental projects supported by municipalities. Such collaboration can influence the quality of life for people in cities.

SYNCHRO SPACE hub – is an environment for experimentation and development, the heart and driver of the Future City Creators community. And most importantly – a tool for real changes.

  • Mission: Creating conditions and support the development of modern cities in Ukraine and the world with innovative solutions. 
  • Goal: Become a global trendsetter in creating cities of the future and a source of innovative solutions of Ukrainian startups.

Success story

Alissa Ban’kovskaya, founder of SYNCHRO SPACE:

«When people think about our cities of the future, they believe that these cities will be built by someone unattainable and distant. Basically, we use solutions that were created before us. And expect changes from mayors, architects, and anyone else. But in this case, we remain only consumers – inhabitants. I propose to become creators now and to determine what our cities will be and how we will live in them.»

For this purpose, SYNCHRO SPACE was founded in 2018.

During 2018-2019 SYNCHRO SPACE united more than 1.5 k different specialists. The team organized lectures, workshops, discussion panels, and three urban hackathons. 26 innovative solutions were developed with the participation of 24 teams and 50 experienced mentors and experts. 7 Ukrainian cities are the customers of the projects: Bila Tserkva, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Kramatorsk, Kyiv, Rivne, Ternopil, as well as 3 locations in Kyiv:, VDNG, Urban Space 500.

Еvents organized by SYNCHRO SPACE:

The SYNCHRO SPACE team strives to be a driving force for the growth of professionals and startups, and their collaboration with cities and companies where the result is a comfortable, ecological and smart urban environment, quality services for cities, and Ukraine’s strong innovative business.

SYNCHRO SPACE helps professionals and startups form teams, create projects, and scale business: 

  • caries out urban hackathons and incubation programs, 
  • provides training and mentoring, 
  • helps with attracting clients and investments, 
  • supports information.

For cities, developers, and the business SYNCHRO SPACE offers the development of innovative projects for specific challenges and problems, provides support for the implementation of these projects and their testing.

The motto of the team is: We create our cities of the future together.

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