UTEW Tech Tribe: one of the biggest startup communities of Ukrainian Tech Entrepreneurs

UTEW is a community of Ukrainian technological entrepreneurs, which promote their products via international tech events.


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What was the challenge?

In former post-soviet countries, there is a lack of sharing the knowledge and growing together thanks to someone’s success (not against it!). Alexandra Govorukha & Inna Stelmakh, the founders of UTEW Tech Tribe,  decided to create the community for startups because they believe in the great potential of Ukraine in the tech field, and want to build the international image of Ukrainians as a technologically talented nation. 

UTEW stands for “We Unite Tech Entrepreneurs of the World.”

A mission is to help Ukrainian technology entrepreneurs better and more effectively present their companies at global technological events through support, exchange of experience and knowledge within the community of like-minded people.

As a result, UTEW strive to strengthen the image of Ukraine in the world as a technological partner

Success story

UTEW Tech Tribe was founded in 2016 by two women tech-entrepreneurs:

  • Alexandra Govorukha, Head of Growth of Sigma Software, UK & Israeli markets, ex-Head of Communications and Events at Unit.City, PR consultant, PR advisor to TechUkraine.
  • Inna Stelmakh, Portal & International Network Lead of TechUkraine, ex-Team Lead of LIFT99 Ukraine, a citizen of Kyiv Smart Hub, a business consultant in the fields of tech entrepreneurship, and building portals.

UTEW Tech Tribe top priority is to encourage tech entrepreneurs to become better at growing their companies on a global scale.  That is why they bring them together into a community of 3300+ members that share knowledge, support each other and exchange experience.  

  • UTEW Tech Tribe is building a strong community of tech entrepreneurs sharing their experience on topics such as business development, PR/marketing, fundraising, and investor relations, scaling products and business operations.  
  • Founders help their members to stay connected within the community through a closed group on Facebook, offline events and community-led trips to global tech conferences like Web Summit, The Next Web, Slush, Our Crowd, and others.
  • Also, the team spread the word about the achievements of the Ukrainian tech industry by publishing news on this page, by speaking at international tech events and by partnering with other tech ecosystems around the world.

TOP events co-organized by the UTEW:  

  • Ukraine Tech Days in Israel within OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2020, Tel-Aviv
  • Surf Pitch Night, a side event at Web Summit 2019, Lisbon (in partnership with TechUkraine)
  • UTEW Tech Tribe at London Tech Week 2019, UK (in partnership with TechUkraine)
  • Discover Ukraine with UTEW Community: Israeli Ukrainian Innovation Expo 2018, Tel-Aviv
  • And more than 17 meetups in Ukraine and across the globe.

UTEW grew from a small group of people of 2 to more than 3 000 members, and keep playing a visible role in the building of the startup ecosystem of the country.

UTEW’s motto is: ‘Community over competition.’

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