X1 Group for Kreditech: the most funded FinTech company

How X1 Group built a big, skilled team to accelerate entering new international markets and launching of new products.


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Kreditech is a Hamburg-headquartered tech-company on a mission to provide financial freedom to the next 2 billion customers through technology. Operating in Poland, Spain, India, and Russia and offering fully digital and secure lending services, Kreditech is one of the most-funded Fintech businesses in Germany.

 Entering the business in 2012, Kreditech quickly became one of the most reliable online lenders for the underbanked thanks to its proprietary credit scoring system based on online data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

What is/was the challenge?

  1.     Building an engineering team

Headquartered in such a competitive market as Germany, where it’s hard to recruit talent in the field of software engineering, Kreditech addressed us with the challenge to hire a medium-sized team of skilled and experienced backend and frontend developers.

  1.     Creating the ecosystem

Kreditech was looking for the team that could build the entire loan-issuing ecosystem from scratch. It included Loan-as-a-Service platform, integration with e-commerce platforms, adaptive web apps for an end-user, back-office application for collectors, etc. 

  1.     Seamless integration

Kreditech needed a unique cooperation model, not the one many other outstaffing companies provide. They wanted a team that would identify with their company and maintain a certain amount of flexibility when additional engineering capacities are needed.

Success story

X1 Group built a professional development team with experience in certain technologies, knowledge of the fintech segment, and willingness to create a market-changing lending platform. This complex, long-term project required a large and flexible team, which, at some point, reached 55 people, including full-stack, front-end developers (JavaScript, PHP, Go), back-end developers (Scala, Java), manual and automation QA specialists, and product managers.

 The dedicated developers handled the back-end communication between the data-driven engine and the display interfaces. They participated in the development of Kreditech’s lending platform that analyses data from different sources, including location-based information, social networking information, hardware data, and general online behaviour in order to access customer creditworthiness in a smooth and user-friendly way. Moreover, the team took part in the creation of Kreditech’s localized products such as MonedoNow and Kredito24.

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