Welcome to Dnipro: Ukraine’s fourth-largest IT destination by the number of IT specialists in Ukraine. Today the Dnipro economy is fast diversifying as entrepreneurs, and industrial giants seek out new international markets. Explore and tap into Dnipro!


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Dnipro is the fourth largest IT destination by the number of IT specialists in Ukraine.

Around 13,200 IT professionals are engaged in Dnipro’s software development outsourcing sector, creating 7,9% of all Ukrainian IT resources.

Dnipro is also the second by the number of R&D centres in Ukraine, while the region has already attracted such international companies as Playtika, Siemens, ISM, Sitecore, Oracle, Wix, Transferwise to open their offices. Dnipro is a home for SoftServe, Luxoft, EPAM, ISD (HQ), Yalantis (HQ), Ciklum, AMC Bridge (HQ), Apriorit (HQ).

IT companies in Dnipro have recently launched Dnipro IT Cluster, which is now the driving force behind the region’s technological development.

With the current growth dynamics, it is expected that by 2025, the region’s market of IT specialists will double in number.

Dnipro is home of Product Companies such as SiteCore, WIX, Playtika, Healthjoy,Startups 7Civenty, Techery, CandyGrill

Dnipro market Top domains are Finance, E-commerce, Healthcare, Gaming, Retail, Media, Energy.

Dnipro has long been Ukraine’s industrial capital and a significant engine of the national economy. Learn more about Dnipro’s economy here

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Here selected links to dive into the Dnipro startup ecosystem: Dnipro IT Community, AIN, MC Today, NA Chasi, KYIV post, Business Ukraine, DOU,Vector media.

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