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It is more about social impact, then a business.

We are gathering support from the ecosystem to continue the work on the portal

Why it is important: we want our country to be known because of its achievements, not problems. We want to overcome negative positioning of Ukraine due to the past economic & political situation, lack of systematic positive communication with the rest of the world.

What we are doing: establishing potential bridges between Ukraine and the rest of the world,  creating an environment for businesses, knowledge institutions, and capital providers to find each other via creating a portal acting as a guide for the Ukraine Tech ecosystem, that frames, unites and strengthens the whole ecosystem.

What we need money for:

  1. On-going content update (showcases, news stories, more tech hubs, trend analysis, events, interviews, opinions)
  2. Gathering international network of UA Embassies, Local Associations, media and event companies
  3. PR Campaigns on Key Export Markets
  4. Showcasing UA Tech ecosystem at international conferences, ecosystem rankings

Overall minimal budget for 12 months: 60 000 EUR (Content update)
Overall optimal budget for 12 months: 170 000 EUR

Any investment is appreciated. And we have wrapped up three sets of packages to show how we can pay back. But please remember, it is more a social engagement, then a business. We want to talk about UA Tech to the rest of the world and develop our national pride.

Please support us in this important endeavor.

Sponsorship Packages

€ 5.000annually
  • + Logo on the portal (general list)
  • + Company showcase publication
  • + Publication of guest articles in our blog
  • + Share your information on our social channels - quarterly
  • + Participation in all local online/offline events of TechUkraine
  • + Access to data and expertise of team members
  • + Nice feeling you help your country by the promotion of one of its most promising sectors
Key Partner
€ 50.000annually
  • + Logo on the portal (on all pages)
  • + Company showcase publication
  • + Publication of guest articles in our blog
  • + Invitation to speak at all our events
  • + Share your information on our social channels - weekly
  • + Ability to get quality feedback on any question within a team
  • + Performing a joint calendar of the events based on priorities
  • + Access to exclusive networking events with TU, partners and international contacts
  • + Launching additional initiatives (to be specified case by case)
  • + Very good karma

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