Meet our new team member Alissa!

Meet our new team member Alissa Ban'kovskaya!????????

Alissa strives to develop cities of the future in Ukraine and in the world and is the founder and CEO of SYNCHRO SPACE – an incubator of innovative objects for an urban environment.

She is a thought-maker and organizer of unique urban hackathons SYNCHRO SPACE (2018) and SMART CITY: redesign and innovations. It brings together IT professionals, architects, designers, engineers and urbanists with city government to develop and implement innovative tech and urban solutions in cities.

Alissa has 10+ years of experience in architecture and design, she is the founder of “Alissa Ban’kovskaya Architecture & Design”, associate professor of Environment Design Department in KSAACD named after M. Boychuk, and developer of a number of design solutions for public locations in Kyiv.

Alissa has a personal mission – to create a Wonderland around.

Alissa will be in charge of Startup-in-Residence program. She will take over Yegor Chernev's role. Yegor was elected to Verkhovna Rada.

We wish to Yegor very good luck in making big impact in Ukraine's digitalization and are happy to keep him in the team in the role of STiR advisor.

Great to have you in the team, Alissa!
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