Welcome to Dnipro: Ukraine’s fourth-largest IT destination by the number of IT specialists in Ukraine. Today the Dnipro economy is fast diversifying as entrepreneurs, and industrial giants seek out new international markets. Explore and tap into Dnipro!


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About this city

Dnipro is the fourth largest IT destination by the number of IT specialists in Ukraine.

Around 13,200 IT professionals are engaged in Dnipro’s software development outsourcing sector, creating 7,9% of all Ukrainian IT resources.

Dnipro is also the second by the number of R&D centres in Ukraine, while the region has already attracted such international companies as Playtika, Siemens, ISM, Sitecore, Oracle, Wix, Transferwise to open their offices. Dnipro is a home for SoftServe, Luxoft, EPAM, ISD (HQ), Yalantis (HQ), Ciklum, AMC Bridge (HQ), Apriorit (HQ).

IT companies in Dnipro have recently launched Dnipro IT Cluster, which is now the driving force behind the region’s technological development.

With the current growth dynamics, it is expected that by 2025, the region’s market of IT specialists will double in number.

Dnipro is home of Product Companies such as SiteCore, WIX, Playtika, Healthjoy,Startups 7Civenty, Techery, CandyGrill

Dnipro market Top domains are Finance, E-commerce, Healthcare, Gaming, Retail, Media, Energy.

Dnipro has long been Ukraine’s industrial capital and a significant engine of the national economy. Learn more about Dnipro’s economy here

Tap into Dnipro Tech ecosystem! 

Here selected links to dive into the Dnipro startup ecosystem: Dnipro IT Community, AIN, MC Today, NA Chasi, KYIV post, Business Ukraine, DOU,Vector media.

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Dnipro IT industry overview


Useful Information

Key economic indicators
  • Distance to Kyiv: 465 km
  • Population: 1,000,506 (2018)
  • Average monthly salary: $ 737,414 (salaries here)
  • 10,2% of the GNP of Ukraine
  • 16% of the total exports of Ukraine
  • 1100 large and medium-sized companies-240 of them are industrial
  • 25% of the region’s total industrial products
Doing Business

Check Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency to learn more about company registration, investments and doing business in Dnipro.

Check more about Dnipro investment potential here. Watch the video presentation here.

Explore more Services for business here

Settling as a founder

Settling as a founder

To open the company in Dnipro, you will open an LLC in Ukraine as a subsidiary of your foreign parent company, which will then hire IT professionals either as salaried employees based on labour agreement or based on a freelance agreement (in most cases, there will be a mix of such arrangements). This option can be useful for long term projects in Ukraine when you are planning to establish an office and hire a large number of IT professionals.


Under Ukrainian legislation, Ukrainian residents pay taxes in Ukraine on their worldwide income, whereas non-residents are subject to taxation only in respect of their Ukrainian-source income. For a full overview of the Ukrainian Tax System check Tax Guide 2019.

Access to capital

Dnipro has always been one of the most attractive places for investments in Ukraine.

The IT sector has benefited considerably from Dnipro’s high tech heritage along with its rocket technology and space travel associations. This has endowed the city with a range of specialized institutes of higher education and a highly educated population comfortable with cutting-edge innovation. Dnipro is home to a cluster of IT companies, including representative offices and has the resources to drive the Ukrainian economy forward.
Key priorities at present include reorienting major industries towards global markets and attracting international investment.

There are Ukrainian investment funds which deal with startups:

Check how to become an investor in Ukraine here.

Find Top 5 tips for Dnipro Investors.

Access to Talent

Dnipro region is one of the leading labour markets in Ukraine, where 1.5 mln people (8.5%) of the economically active population are concentrated. The area ranks second among the regions in terms of working-age population employment – 69.2%.

Explore about Dnipro’s labour market here.


If you are looking for professionals or want to become an employee, check next job boards:

Other popular methods of finding suitable IT professionals is through LinkedIn, local IT Clusters and communities, regular IT events, and personal recommendations from people in the industry.

Dnipro is a major educational center in Ukraine and is home to two of Ukraine’s top-10 universities.

One of Dnipro cityʼs points of pride is its higher education. It has a long and rich history. Its students, graduates and academics have long been known and appreciated worldwide, especially in the following areas: space programme, creation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, agriculture. Currently, there are 87 thousand students in all higher education establishments of Dnipro, with 1000 IT graduates per year. 

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