Welcome to Lviv: Lviv is the biggest city in Western Ukraine and seventh the most significant city in Ukraine, with the number of 724.713 inhabitants. Lviv is commonly known as the cultural capital of Ukraine with a great historical heritage and tourism potential. Explore and tap into Lviv!


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About this city

Over the past years, Lviv has turned into one of the Ukrainian tech hubs and entered the top three leaders of Ukrainian IT cities along with Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Geographical location and proximity and economic attractiveness constructively influenced the development of IT in the city, and ever more international IT companies and customers started to prefer Lviv as one of their possible locations.

As stated by international audit company KPMG, Lviv is called one of the most capable cities in the development of IT-outsourcing.

Additionally, according to the Tholons rating, Lviv was placed to the best 100 European outsourcing centres in 2014. Nowadays, Lviv considerably appeals a significant number of Ukrainian and foreign companies that launch their offices in the city and progress IT environment their year by year, and now IT industry is characterized with more than 200 companies.

There are over 20,000 IT professionals working in the city and around 317 IT companies, most of which provide software outsourcing services to clients in the USA, Western Europe, the UK, the Nordic countries, and other locations. In 2018, about 14,000 students studied at universities with tech programs, so the industry has a constant inflow of fresh talent.

Tap into Lviv Tech ecosystem!


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Useful Information

Key economic indicators
  • Population: 724.713 (2017)
  • GRP in 2014: $ 8 067,522 M
  • GRP per capital in 2014: $ 15.049K (page 85)
  • Direct foreign investments in 2015: $ 841.375
  • Direct foreign investments in IT in 2015: $ 28.730 (page 87)
  • Average monthly salary: $ 468.71
Ecosystem Overview

Lviv accommodates more than 300 IT companies and 21.000+ IT specialists, with above 4,000 graduates becoming a part of the Lviv technology environment annually. The economic effect of the IT industry in Lvivmakes up 21% of Lviv economy (919million US dollars), and remarkably, Lviv is the only city in Ukraine that has officially announced the technological industry as one of the main elements of the city’s competitiveness strategy.

90% of Lviv technology companies provide software development outsourcing services. According to DOU, the biggest IT companies present in Lviv are SoftServe, EPAM, ELEKS, GlobalLogic , N-iXIntellias.

Lviv is home for many prominent tech companies such as Altexsoft, b-next, Conscensia, Cypress, DataArt, DevCom, ELEKS, EPAM, FFW, Forbytes, FreezePro SoftwareGlobal Logic, Grid Dynamics, Limelight Networks, Lohika, N-iX, Nravo, Perfectial, Qub Studio, Sigma Software, SoftServe, Waverley Software, Vakoms.

Coworking spaces and Hubs

As an expanding IT city, Lviv offers several hubs and coworking spaces to businessmen and startups with comparable prices.

There are plenty of great co-working spaces and hubs that will offer you and your team all the essential infrastructure with included amenities such as 24/7 service, parking, kitchen, meeting rooms and kitchen. Here is the list of some hubs and coworking spaces:

Startup Depot , coMMuna, Coworking centre Pixel, IHubLviv , ITEAHub,  Compas Coworking, Territory Coworking, Business Hub, Platforma Futura Lviv.


Lviv offers many professional communities, which are headed by people who are eager to enhance the Ukrainian ecosystem in numerous directions. Here is a list of them:

Incubators and Accelerators

Startup Depot

Center for Entrepreneurship

Tech Events

Take a look at the list of the most significant events taking place in Lviv.

IT Projects in Lviv

Lviv Tech AngelsLviv Tech Angels is a community of investors who seek to enhance the culture of startups in Lviv. They invest in the development of start-ups and product companies.

IT VillageIT Village is a non-profit project whose goal is to bring together IT professionals who want to live in a cozy suburban area. The duration of the project is 3 years. The start of construction is April 02, 2018.

IT ExpertThe main educational initiative of the Lviv IT cluster. This project is aimed at modernizing education in Lviv universities. Lviv IT cluster companies collaborate with university professors to create modern undergraduate technology programs.

IT ChallengeIT Challenge is a school IT contest for talented students organized by the Lviv IT cluster, the Lviv City Council and Lviv Polytechnic National University. For 6 consecutive years, the Lviv IT cluster has been providing scholarships for the winner and a new computer lab for the winning school.

IT JetIT Jet is a project of the Lviv IT cluster, the purpose of which is to improve the infrastructure of the city and increase the number of flights between Lviv and other important business areas because of the limited flight numbers and destinations.


Also check out the other interesting events in Lviv: DOU calendar, Lviv IT events, Lviv IT Cluster events, IT events, IT weekend events.

Doing Business

Checkout Lviv Investment Office to learn more about company registration, investments and doing business in Lviv.

Explore consulting service for investors here

Settling as a founder

Settling as a founder

To open the company in Lviv, you will open an LLC in Ukraine as a subsidiary of your foreign parent company, which will then hire IT professionals either as salaried employees based on labour agreement or based on a freelance agreement (in most cases, there will be a mix of such arrangements). This option can be useful for long term projects in Ukraine when you are planning to establish an office and hire a large number of IT professionals.


Under Ukrainian legislation, Ukrainian residents pay taxes in Ukraine on their worldwide income, whereas non-residents are subject to taxation only in respect of their Ukrainian-source income. For a full overview of the Ukrainian Tax System check Tax Guide 2019.

Access to Talent


Lviv offers great educational opportunities to people who want to have a career in the IT sphere. For instance, more than 12.000 students are presently studying in IT and almost 4000 of them graduate from their universities/schools annually. Here is a list of universities and educational centers in Lviv: 

Lviv Universities:

Private IT schools:

Supporting organizations

Lviv supporting organizations

Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the city-level organization which helps to set up a business with outside organizations.

Lviv IT Cluster plays a significant role in the development of the business ecosystem in Lviv.

For general information check Lviv City Council

Country-level supporting organizations

IT Ukraine Association

State Finance Institution for Innovation

Ukraine Invest

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The American Chamber of Commerce

European Business Association (EBA) IT Committee

Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA)

UAngel Community of Ukrainian business angels

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