Chernihiv is the city experiencing sustainable growth, development, and transformation. It is an industrial and cultural center of the region with ancient history, significant economic potential, and human capital. Explore the growing ecosystem of Chernihiv!


Olya Rys, Coordinator

About this city

Closeness to the capital of Ukraine, good transportation infrastructure (interstate highways, railways, 150 km to Boryspil international airport), preferences for investors, improving economic and financial indicators, access to talent are competitive advantages of the city. 

IT business, educational institutions, Chernihiv IT Cluster, Chernihiv Business Hub, and other stakeholders and communities comprise the city’s IT ecosystem. 

Chernihiv seats offices of about 30 IT companies employing a total of over 1500 IT specialists. These include a variety of software product and service companies that develop solutions for today’s business challenges, solve complex e-commerce tasks, are engaged in automatization of business processes, game dev, work with IoT and Machine Learning technologies. Chernihiv is also home to many freelance IT professionals. 

For its outstanding cultural heritage and well-developed modern infrastructure Chernihiv is recognized as one of the 11 best cities for traveling in Ukraine (according to CNN). 

Tap into Chernihiv Tech ecosystem!


Here selected links to dive into the Ukrainian startup ecosystem:   AIN, MC Today, NA ChasiBusiness Ukraine, DOU,Vector media.

Key economic indicators
  • Distance to Kyiv: 150 km
  • Population: 281 100 people (2020)
  • Employed in SMEs: 55 600 people
  • Export: $97.2M 
  • Import: $106.5M 
  • Average monthly salary: $292/month (more on salaries)
  • GRP: $1.6B
Ecosystem Overview

Coworking spaces and Hubs

Coworking space as part of Chernihiv Business Hub 

Простір ідей. Coworking Chernihiv


Chernihiv IT Cluster



Make Sense

HR Community Chernihiv


Chernihiv IT Conference is the regular event organized and held by the Chernihiv IT cluster for the IT community in the city and beyond. 

TEDx Chernihiv

Make Sense (Marketing and PR initiative)

Doing Business

According to the Regional Doing Business. 2018 rating Chernihiv occupies a 6-7th place. (The rating evaluates the ease of doing business in regional centers of Ukraine.) Chernihiv features excellent investment opportunities; in particular, it scored 86 out of 100 in the “Establish an enterprise” category. 

Chernihiv has increased the level of investment attractiveness to uaINV4, according to the analysis conducted by Credit Rating. As stated in the corresponding Certificate, the city is “characterized by a high level of attractiveness for investment.” Furthermore, Chernihiv raised its credit rating to uaBBB +. Thus, the city is more financially stable compared to many others.

The mentioned ratings are based on the analysis of economic and financial indicators for 2017-2018, data on the demographic situation, the state of the labor market, information on the city’s debt, and long-term plans for the future.

Settling as a Founder

To establish a business or a company (legal entity or individual entrepreneur) in Chernihiv, one needs to apply for registration at the Administrative Services Portal after compiling the required package of documents. 

You can hire IT professionals based on a contract of employment or service agreement (mostly, it is a combination of both). 

Check the overview of the Ukrainian tax system in Tax Guide for Ukraine 2019.

Access to Talent


Chernihiv Polytechnic National University is the primary source of talent for the Chernihiv tech ecosystem. Its Institute of Electronic and Information Technologies includes seven tech departments: 

IT schools & courses:

Job boards

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