Our Initiatives

TechUkraine team is a joined force, founded by ecosystem leaders, serial entrepreneurs and governmental bodies.

Established businesses can team up with TechUkraine and help startups to grow further.

We collaborate with existing startup hubs, accelerator programs, VC’s, universities, as well as leading international hubs around the world.

For this reason, our list of partners keeps on growing.

There isn’t a door we cannot open!

Passion and experience

TechUkraine is a quick response team that understands the needs of startups with global ambitions.

That’s because the people involved in our team have always been at the heart of innovation, ready to listen and understand the needs of young companies.

TechUkraine promotes the kind of collaboration that understands the passion and drive of startups, supporting them with the experience and knowledge of global entrepreneurs.

We know the challenges that come with facing any new venture, but a government fully supports us focused on simplifying the rules, sharing relevant expertise and opening doors to an unrivalled global network.

TechUkraine Initiatives

TechUkraine Portal

Ukraine is a promising country. It’s been through many complex challenges in its history, which caused political and economic instability. Also, in the past, Ukraine didn’t play a decisive role in the global economy and specific perception of Ukraine as a low-cost, unstable and corrupt country emerged. Every time Ukrainians are outside of their country, either pitching to investors or establishing a business partnership, they have to be ready to make the case it’s all worthwhile!

Here comes the solution: create a single hub of communication for Ukraine as a technological and talented nation, and bring about a positive connection to the rest of the world.

Alongside this, comes building bridges between nations, creating an environment for businesses, growing knowledge institutions and helping capital providers to find each other.

We’re launching the portal which will act as a guide for the Ukrainian Tech ecosystem, and it includes a website, social media presence and campaigns. The TechUkraine brand will frame, unite and strengthen the entire ecosystem.

We believe the portal will:

  • Build, load and spread the TechUkraine narrative
  • Unite existing tech communities in a single platform / go-to portal
  • Spark entrepreneurship at multiple levels and across the triple helix

Join us on this exciting journey, and help to develop the portal!

Startup in Residence ( STiR)

The second initiative of Tech Ukraine, created under a similar program, and successfully implemented in Amsterdam.

The main objectives of STiR are dual in nature: solving the problems of cities through innovative approaches, as well as the development of the startup ecosystem in Ukraine. STiR is an incubation program for startups who have ideas for solving specific problems of municipalities. STiR selects talented entrepreneurial teams and assists them in the development of innovative products.

STiR aims to make Kyiv, and Ukraine as a whole, the best place for startups in Europe. Its task is to encourage new Ukrainian and international startups to use Ukrainian accelerators and incubators and to settle in Ukraine. The program also promotes partnerships in terms of sharing expertise between public and private sector organizations to stimulate startups and entrepreneurship.

Through this program, we accelerate economic growth, create jobs and develop innovative solutions. STiR allows startups and creative teams to get the first client in the face of the city municipality, and then further scale their project. The city has the opportunity to purchase, or otherwise invest in, an innovative solution to urban problems, developed in close partnership with the startups.

While the growing market for technology products and services in the public sector is a terrific opportunity, it may be difficult for startups to navigate this market. The STiR program is designed to build bridges with these startups, benefiting from innovations in technology and services for the public sector.

The program is aimed at solving urban problems in the following areas:

  1. Increasing city revenue
  2. Providing cost savings for the city
  3. Improving urban mobility
  4. Improving the quality of life of citizens (health, ecology, etc.)

The pilot project Startup in Residence will work for four months. Startups will be offered an intensive (“accelerated”) training program, as well as support for professional coaches or mentors (entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and local government officials). If the solutions are successful, then the selected cities (two cities in the first program) can invest in them and thereby significantly speed up the career of a startup.

Also, startups will get a seat in a working space and access to the municipality network.

Going Global

In order to grow more startups across the borders of Ukraine, Tech Ukraine has introduced Going Global – an internationalization readiness program. Going Global is designed to help entrepreneurs in choosing the right next market, building the go-to-market strategy and validating this strategy.

As a startup, the first priority is growth and this program is designed to help startups prepare to grow an international client base. After Going Global participants will be well equipped to take their company to the next level and conquer new markets.

The internationalization readiness program consists of a Masterclasses, individual coaching and networking. During the Masterclass, several tools to aid in the market selection will be taught, as well as how to build a personalized go-to-market (GTM) strategy and how to develop a roadmap for internationalization.

Individual coaching is also important to guide startups with their internationalization strategy. The coaching starts after the first masterclass takes place. A total amount of 15 hours over a period of 3 months are invested by the coaches.

This program, developed by DutchBasecamp*, is based on the experiences of hundreds of founders who successfully scaled their company internationally. Scaling internationally is a journey where startups often know the destination, but not all steps along the way are clear.

Going Global will teach the foundations needed to land as smoothly as possible in new foreign markets.  Additionally, startups will get to learn from other experienced (tech) entrepreneurs who have gone before them. All in all, Go Global can help prevent founders from losing too much time, money and energy on their way to international success.

National Network

The National Network initiative is vital for the founders’ community.

We learned that there is a lack of a unified database of Ukrainian startups that could scale internationally, as well as a poor understanding of their issues and needs to enter the global markets.

That’s why we will create a community in which people are eager to share knowledge and expertise, where collaboration is key over the competition, and where there is a sense of pride and commitment to grow the Ukrainian tech ecosystem. 

In order to improve the situation, we will carry out market research and create a database of Ukrainian startups. After that, we will hold one-on-one interviews with the startup founders to find out about their needs and challenges when entering the global markets. Also, we will analyze the data and integrate it into other activities of Tech Ukraine and co-create and launch the initiatives which will help to solve the identified startup challenges. 

As a result, we will have a concise database of Ukrainian startup companies, we will increase awareness of the challenges they are facing when entering global markets and help startups deal with as of yet, unknown challenges.

International Network

The need for International Network development appeared when we realize that local startups have a lack of connections in the global markets. Besides that, oftentimes they do not collaborate with each other and more experienced startups who have already expanded globally.

That’s why we decided to create an experience-sharing community, in which people are eager to share knowledge and expertise, where collaboration is key over competition, and where there is a sense of pride and commitment to grow the Ukrainian tech ecosystem in order to connect local founders with global Ukrainians to help get started on new markets.

It will work next: Based on the interviews with startup founders we will connect Ukrainian startups which are undertaking or seriously considering an expansion to a foreign tech hub, with Ukrainian entrepreneurs and professionals already living and working in that location. The latter will become a temporary mentor and provide their expertise, experience and network in order to help the Ukrainian startups grow in the new market as well as in Ukraine. 

As a result, we want to become the largest global virtual Ukrainian startup and tech entrepreneurs community, consisting of entrepreneurs working in different verticals in all major tech hubs in the world. Ukrainian startups will gain direct and deep access to the startup network and ecosystem in the tech region they wish to expand to.