TOP IT universities in Ukraine

Today is the first day of the school for students, and this reminds us to share with you some figures about education in Ukraine.

Did you know?
????Ukraine is in TOP the most educated nations in the world, with the literacy rate of 99%.
????STEM education is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine due to the development of the IT sector and the job prospects it offers.
????There are around 130,000 engineering graduates annually in Ukraine, which is more than in France, Germany, Poland, and many other European countries.
????‍????Ukraine has the largest share of IT graduates among CEE countries — over 16,000 IT graduates every year.
➡️According to the DOU survey of the Ukrainian IT professionals, 82% of men and 87% of women have tech academic degree.
via Ukraine: Country that Codes.

TechUkraine's team is sure that studying is never too late. So check the rating of best Tech Universities of Ukraine.

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